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Simple, fast and complete!

Your mobile mini site is ready in minutes.

Simple as counting to 3


Easily create your mini site and centralize your links, webshop, videos and contacts in one place.

Choose your background, colors, button formats, etc. Use and abuse your creativity!


Spread your content around. Use your unique link on social media or share via Whatsapp.

Use as a digital business card!

With the Qrcode function, the old paper business card will be kept in the drawer.

Ready in a few clicks

Create, customize and share!

Create my link

Escape the "after I pay you"!

Have the integrated payment feature via credit card and installments without the customer leaving your site.

No time to create your site?

We have the right professional to help your business.

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Sell with freedom!

With our showcase, you can register your products and services with photos, description and price, reducing repetitive questions.


Your customer's order will go straight to your Whatsapp and email, informing all the buyer's data, the chosen items and the total!

All in one place!

All the tools you need in one place! Try it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can use Idolink?

    Idolink is made for everyone. See some examples:

    • Medical offices, presenting their services and collaborators
    • Restaurants as a digital menu
    • Influencers to centralize all partnerships in one place
    • Third-party sales, such as affiliate link, creating featured product banners
    • Self-employed people who want to start a business, starting from scratch
    • Online stores, to sell various products and services...
  • Do I need to buy domain and hosting?

    No, with Idolink we already offer the hosting service for your mini site at no additional cost. You can still direct your domain to Idolink without any problems.

  • Is there a cancellation penalty?

    No, with Idolink there are no penalties or asterisks. For the use of the online store, payment is monthly, and if you are not satisfied that you want to stop paying, just cancel the subscription, no penalties!